Professionalism down to the smallest detail. This is the foundation of Zenith Family Office and the key driving force of our team. We apply maximum effort, the best knowledge and attention to detail by our team members. We are solution-oriented and get things done.


We are honest with our colleagues, our clients and ourselves. We work with families who share values and history covering generations. Integrity ensures the best solutions and trust that deliver superior results.


We are not afraid to experiment and make decisions and we will find a solution for any situation. There is a lot of trust behind this – trust by our families with whom we partner, trust in ourselves and trust in our colleagues. Through freedom of choice and trust, we grow as people and as professionals, while achieving the best results for our clients that add value to their wealth and contribute to society.

Loyalty to our customers

We are committed to our clients and to our family office. We live in a region where there is no centuries-old tradition of wealth creation and transfer. The families we work with are the first to pass on wealth to future generations. We are honored to carry this responsibility and to stand alongside our clients, creating value that will last for generations to come.


To provide families with a universe of trust that works even across borders to help preserve, enhance and value intergenerational family wealth and keep them socially responsible and sustainable.


To offer families a comprehensive wealth management solution that ensures intergenerational wealth sustainability. We do this by providing a wealth management tool for family members, engaging the best professionals and digital technology and establishing various cross-border support networks.

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